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"Fond of cooking? Want to practice more tempting dishes? Download “SURE” recipe sharing app & feed your loved ones with the unique and delicious dishes everyday."


“SURE” is a lifestyle app and stands for “SHARE YOUR RECIPE”. During the hectic working days just a dish of your favourite food can make you feel good. Get the best free recipe app in your device and know the best recipes of each cuisine that you must try at least once. Follow the international recipes and eat yummy food everyday. If you have good hands in cooking, then upload your lip-smacking recipes for other foodies over the world. Share a complete description of particular dish including ingredients, nutrition value, number of serving and whole process of cooking. Elaborate the cooking steps in an easy language with the photographs.

Home cook and experienced chefs can plan their menu for the upcoming week through this app. Do you want scrumptious dishes for your taste-buds? OR having hobby of cooking? Then free recipe app download is the best option. Install “SURE” app now without wasting time. It is easy to find appetizing recipes from starter to desert. Cook the delectable full meal course for your loved ones everyday. If they admire a specific dish you have cooked then put them in a section of favourite recipes. Share the mouth-watering recipes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and help them in changing their regular taste.


Instant Recipe Sharing

Are you a home cook? Many people have praised a new recipe of yours? Then you can quickly share that dish for other cooks.

Read the recipes of cooking experts

Search for the delicious dishes introduced by chefs and expert home cooks. Try out simple and unique recipes everyday for a change.

Multiple cuisine

App's recipe data is not limited for the specific cuisine. Discover yummy dishes belong to the national and international cuisine.


Dishes of different courses

Yummy dishes are available for the snacks, lunch, brunch, dinner, desert, cold drinks, and full course meal.

Favourite Section

Put some recipes that you would like to cook again and again in “Favourite Section”. So, you can quickly get the whole recipes.

My planner

Plan your menu for the breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner for the upcoming week using “My Planner” feature of recipe sharing app.

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Easy registration and you can cook the food by following worldwide cooking experts. SURE is an the best free recipe app that has all description, specification and steps for each unique recipe. Get a list of ingredients with precise weight or amount with respect to number of servings. The most loved recipes belonging to fastfood, starter, road side food, etc. are also included in the recipe sharing app.
SURE is an absolutely user friendly app that has all description, specification and steps for each unique recipe. Easy registration and you can cook the food by following experts.

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