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Play MON-JI monkey jumping adventure game when you want to have fun. This is a jungle theme game and you have to feed bananas to monkey. Make monkey jump at the right time to save it from the dropping coconuts & wondering tigers. Wrong jump means your game is over. It is very interesting game and you will surely play over and over. Go to the app store of your device to download free jumping bananas monkey game. Player will love this game due to its phenomenal graphics, likeable sound effects and smooth tapping. Monkey's funny impressions are really attractive to please your mood. Experience amusement and make the record breaking score.

Exciting monkey banana jumping game continues in the same level. No further levels are there. Player just has to protect monkey from tigers and coconuts & game goes on till the end. Staying away from the tigers creates an excitement for the player. Beat the high score by reaching maximum bananas. Be a winner with the best score.

Monkey Jumping Game

Monji Monkey Game
monkey banana jumping game

Play it for adventure

Enter in the jungle theme and the game is to just focus on monkey. Monkey's pretty expressions are truly fun to watch. Once you turn on the game, monkey starts running. Bananas on the trees are key to collect the points. Make it jump and save its life from the coconuts and tigers.

Download to get entertained

Play with the monkey in jungle. After a game has been started, there is not any option to stop monkey from going ahead. It will continually run on the straight path in jungle. In this, monkey banana jumping game, try to feed maximum bananas to make the best score. The tigers and falling coconuts are hurdles in a journey of monkey. Tap to jump & move ahead from above the head of tiger. Let's play adventurous game!!!

Play with the monkey in jungle
Play with the monkey in jungle


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