Free Online Matching Game
Matchme Game

Mind refreshing similar object matching game is set to load into your devices. Get this multi-theme game for immense pleasure!!!


Search the MatchMe app-one of the best free online matching game in App Store, when you are willing to have free matching games download. Enter in the game and you will find animals, shapes and alphabets floating around the screen. Find the similar elements among them and encircle them. Blast them and increase your score. Play the game by entering into three decent themes- Sunny theme, night theme, and beach theme. The obstacles enter from the random locations while a game is continue. They make a game more interesting. This is one of the most recommended matching games for kids free that offers 500 coins, 3 power-up and 3 add-ons while you start playing game. Test your concentration skills by playing this online brain game.

Encircle similar elements & beat the high score. Blast the similar floating elements including heart & get a life. There is a great chance to earn the extra points, when 4 similar shapes come together. Stay away from the bomb, when you are going to encircle matching shapes as it reduces your life in game. Play the free online matching game through your handy smartphone devices.

Free Online Matching Game

Engrossing Themes

Choose the decent theme as per your mood & feel amazed for a while. Sunny theme, night theme & beach themes all are designed nicely to grab player's attention.

Smooth interaction

App speedily recognizes an action of your finger to make a circle around the similar elements. Player can blast the similar objects quickly & accumulate the maximum points.

Matchme Game Screen
Play it easily

This game is suitable for the individual of any age. No more complexity in the rules to play game. Simply score centric game with a concept to just blast similar objects.

Collect bonus points

Make the high scores easily. Encircle 4 similar shapes, animals or alphabets & player can step up towards making record breaking score rapidly with bonus points.

Screens of Free Online Matchme Game


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