Prince wants to save
his Princess.

Would you like to help him ?
Princess Rescue Game Features

Daizy is the entertaining free princess game. Play princess adventure game when you feel bored. The characters of prince and princess are there and both are far away from each other. Prince is eager to save his princess and you need to show a right path to him. He needs to pass through the various rows of clouds to reach to his princess. Cross different levels and help prince and princess to come together. Prince needs to try many times if he does not get succeed in first time. He is supposed to try next time, if falls down from the row of cloud. Go for the princess rescue game free download and have unlimited fun.

Eye pleasing graphics & enjoyable sound makes the free princess game more interesting. Prince is eager to meet his princess. Only way to meet his princess is to pass through the Daizy clouds. A simple rule of the game is, prince will cross each row of cloud and come together at last. He don't know the right way so making assumptions creates an excitement for the player. Pass through all the 6 levels & game is finish.

Princess Rescue Game Features

Captivating design

Creative graphics generates a scenario to hold your interest throughout the game

Anxious rescue game

Help prince to meet the princess is a perfect exciting rescue game for the player

Princess Rescue Game Graphics Design
Princess Rescue Game Features
Princess Rescue Game Levels

Social Media Sharing

Share your high score instantly in the social media when level is complete

Striking 6 levels

Prince goes more closer to his princess by passing through the each new level

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Free Princess Rescue Game

A game around the prince & princess

Daizy is a princess rescue game with fun unlimited. Start playing this game & pass your free time easily with joy. The rows of lovely daizy clouds make a distance between prince and princess. Choose the right path and let prince and princess come together. Any wrong assumption of the path and you need to play it from the level 1. The game comes to an end when player finishes 6 levels with all correct assumptions of path.

Free Princess Rescue Game


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