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Match making Game for Animals, shapes and alphabets

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Artista is an eminent Graphic design and art studio among the art loving individuals. The most practised professionals come up with the supreme fun oriented, adventurous, lifestyle, puzzle, game apps and business apps. Our motto is to be there for the users who are searching for free entertainment and smart business apps in the respective stores. Industry experts stuck to the complete process of making magnificent free games apps. Designers utilize the most recent tools to introduce the best mobile apps design always. We have published many free mobile games belonging to diverse categories. Are you fond of playing games? Then, Download them now!!!


Artista app is one-stop destination for users to obtain the most creative and appealing work of graphics and digital marketing. It is plentiful in portfolio - consisting ready-made work as per the most recent trend of designing. Put your eyes on frequently updated portfolio and grab a chance to lift-up your business with the help of impressive design stuff. Go through the app and shop pleasant stuffs of designing and art. Adroit designers have uploaded visionary and the best mobile apps designs - beyond your expectations. Install app in your device and have fun during your leisure time. Navigate the app and buy rich design and graphics work with eye-popping themes and colour combinations.

Play MON-JI monkey jumping adventure games when you want to have fun. This is a jungle theme app and you have to feed bananas to monkey. Make monkey jump at the right time to save it from the dropping coconuts & wondering tigers. Wrong jump means your game is over. It is very interesting game and you will surely play over and over. Go to the PlayStore of your device for jumping bananas monkey game free download. Player will love this game due to its phenomenal graphics, likeable sound effects and smooth tapping. Monkey's funny impressions are really attractive to please your mood. Experience amusement and make the record breaking score.

BONx2 is having chapter wise interesting stories and see saw game. Get a bunch of this two functionalities in the best free illustration app. Get BONx2 in your mobile to read the stories in different languages such as- Arabic, English, Japanese, Hindi, French and Spanish. Read your most favourable story with pictures and sound effects. Interactive storybook app allows the users to set the sound and brightness as per their convenience. A fun oriented candies & chocolates falling see saw game is integrated with the best story book free download. A great collection of fascinating stories is found in this app for all individuals and specially for the kids.

Search the MatchMe app in App Store, when you are willing to have free matching games download. Enter in the game and you will find animals, shapes and alphabets floating around the screen. Find the similar elements among them and encircle them. Blast them and increase your score. Play the game by entering into three decent themes- Sunny theme, night theme, and beach theme. The obstacles enter from the random locations while a game is continue. They make a game more interesting. This is one of the most recommended matching games for kids free that offers 500 coins, 3 power-up and 3 add-ons while you start playing game. Test your concentration skills by playing this online brain game.

“Sure” is a lifestyle app and stands for “SHARE YOUR RECIPE”. During the hectic working days just a dish of your favourite food can make you feel good. Get the best free recipe app in your device and know the best recipes of each cuisine that you must try at least once. Follow the international recipes and eat yummy food everyday. If you have good hands in cooking, then upload your lip-smacking recipes for other foodies over the world. Share a complete description of particular dish including ingredients, nutrition value, number of serving and whole process of cooking. Elaborate the cooking steps in an easy language with the photographs.

Daizy is the entertaining game app. Play princess adventure game when you feel bored. The characters of prince and princess are there and both are far away from each other. Prince is eager to save his princess and you need to show a right path to him. He needs to pass through the various rows of clouds to reach to his princess. Cross different levels and help prince and princess to come together. Prince need to try many times if he does not get succeed in first time. He is supposed to try next time, if falls down from the row of cloud. Go for the princess rescue games free download and have unlimited fun.

Why Artista's Free Games & Apps?

Artista makes it possible for the users to get ideal apps for the app categories of their interest. All the apps are feature rich and flawless to deal with. Fluent developers have integrated the apps with astute coding, amiable graphics and designs. The apps elegantly satisfy users' intentions of downloading them in their devices. Moreover, app users are not supposed to pay even a small amount. Have a look at the latest apps introduced by Artista, and utilize them for free. Download them easily in your personal devices from the Google Play Store or iTunes store.

Curators reflect Artista's sample portfolio with the optimum designs frequently. Artista has published free mobile games and apps of different categories. All the apps belong to Artista are absolutely unique with respect to the concept, idea, theme, font style and overall design.

Each application is developed by keeping the user's interest in mind. Free games apps are symbolized to have pleasant navigation experience. An effective development logic and a very first good look of applications are enough to grab your attention.

Artista specializes in offering the most striking apps. The foremost technical skills of our famed developers are reflected in the apps developed by us. Dedicated app designers and developers of Artista stay updated with the latest technology advancements and trends.

The Artista apps live on the AppStore are smooth to access. The enchanting designs easily represent app's concept of being there. Actual installers praise for the well-defined modules and features of apps. Utmost apps are doing well in the particular sector and app category


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